To help a friend

33ddro7I have a very shy friend. We have known each other since high school, but he always had troubles talking to me on some serious topics. He had problems talking to me when he lost his virginity or when he needed some cash. I borrowed him money and I listened to his problems, especially those sexual ones. However, I never knew why he waited for so long to tell me that he “became man”. Later I found out. To be specific, few weeks ago, I found out. We met in some restaurant to catch up. He approached me very slowly and timidly. When I lost my nerve, I aggressively asked him what the problem was. He took a deep breath and told me that he has a small penis. I was surprised but then he explained me. Ever since his first sexual encounter he has been having troubles with women because they are not shy to tell him that he has the smallest penis they have ever seen. Even though I understand women’s problem, I think they should cut him some slack. So some things were much clearer and I wanted to help him but I didn’t know how. I told him we will catch up soon and I left to find the solution to his problem.

shutterstock_91612715My first stop was to go to my friend’s friend. He is a respected urologist and I couldn’t find a better person to ask what is on my mind. We met at his office and he was eager to help me. When I told him that I have a friend who has troubles with measurement of his phallus, normally he thought that was some kind of code, and that we talk about me. After I tried to convince him that we don’t talk about me and that I am serious about my friend I had to show him my “pride”. Then he understood that we literally talk about my friend. So then he told me that there isn’t much help. He said that some surgeons, including some of his friends and colleagues, don’t think that the procedure of penis enlargement is a good idea. He said that once his friend surgeon told him that he had a patient with a small penis and that he was desperate to change measurement of his phallus. After his friend surgeon told him about side effects of the procedure, he wasn’t so desperate. As a matter of fact, he left pretty happily.

Then I asked the urologist about pills and that infamous WEP pump, which is more famous as a penis pump, but he didn’t have good news about that. He said that pump has some results, but they are temporary and that pills are not well proven. He also said about the pills that, although they are made with healthy ingredients, they have many side effects, which are not to fool around with. He recommended me to tell my friend about exercise for penis. They are all about training your muscles down there. Something like Kegel exercises for women. We will see if that can help my friend.


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